16 noviembre 2018
Gaser Discos

After 3 years of existence, 2 countries, lots of laughter and some tears, the first album of ARUMBO is finally here. We would like to thank all the musicians, technicians and artists between Brussels and Barcelona who made the album possible. Through all the hard work, we felt accompanied by very beautiful people, who gave us the necessary wings to let the music fly from our soul to you.  A big thanks to our family for the support, for believing in us and for having offered us the possibility of learning to express ourselves through music and art.

The album was financed and produced by Pinya-Co vzw in collaboration with the alternative label GASER DISCOS.

  • Recorded by Gorik De Smet (JES)
  • Mixed and mastered by Joel Condal (Grabaciones Silvestres)
  • Graphic design and photos by Michal Wojtarowicz
  • Illustrations by Marta Meix Garcia

Musicians and collaborations: Javier Mateos Arévalo, Jose Miguel Valero, Nicolas Hauzeur, Hussein Rassim, Florent Buchel, Naïm Schneyders, Alexis Bass, Manuel Melero, Adriano Torregiani, Priscilla Valenzuela, Quinten de Craecker, Renaud Crols, Saif Al-Qaissy, Yamen Martini, Miguel Sanchez, Omid Akbari, Jeroen Smets, Arthur Jusseret, Jos Mertens, Wim Carels, Manuel Sanchez Ramos, Marc Parrot, Ramon Fuentes, Gailan Albahrany and Adrià Salas Viñallonga

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